Helmet Grant to 8 schools in Songkhla

26-30 November, 2018 – –  Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP), Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, with the cooperation of Halliburton Charitable Foundation, the main sponsor of the project, together with Office of Songkhla Primary Education Area Zone 1 & 2, including the network partners in Songkhla province, launched the project “Helmet Grant” to 451 students from 8 schools in Songkhla, namely, Sriwichai school, Baan Kwuan Niang school, Wat Pa-o school, Wat Klang school, Wat Noen Pichai school, Baan Daan school, Baan Na Kuan Lung school, and Baan Klong-wa school. The project aims to increase number of students using helmet when riding in order to reduce number of injury and death related to motorcycling accident.

Helmet granted to students has been designed specially to conform with the new edition 2014 TSI standard according to the declaration of Thai Industrial Standard Institute, Ministry of Industry. Apart from that, the granted helmet has a fitting pad adjusted to fit firmly into child head.

After the grant, CSIP and Halliburton will follow up the use of helmet of grantee students, as well as coordinate with these 8 schools to mobilize the use of helmet and to participate more with parents and networks.

C&H Anti-Knock.. Child Brain Safety” funded by Halliburton (www.halliburton.com) and Safe Kids Worldwide (www.safekids.org) since 2017.