Songkhla Kindergarten School

November 8, 2017 at Songkhla Kindergarten School, Songkhla Province – – Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP), Ramathibodi Hospital, with the cooperation of Halliburton Charitable Foundation, the main sponsor of the project Safe Kids Worldwide USA, together with Songkhla Kindergarten School, Office of Songkhla Primary Education Area Zone 1, Songkhla Police Station, School Board, parents, community members and network partners, launched the project “CSIP & Halliburton Helmets to Save Kids Lives”.

There were more than 400 attendees and 305 helmets were given away to 305 primary school students.

The helmet is manufactured under the TSI standard according to the new edition 2014 standard of Thai Industrial Standard Institue, the Ministry of Industry.

It is pleasant to the Songkhla Kindergarten students for the opportunity in using new standard helmet.

On that day, there was a special event for students to enjoy called “bent down & up – left & right – jump & jump” to test whether the helmet is fitted to students’ heads

Giving away of 305 New Helmets

Students Helping Each Other

Giving Instruction How to Wear Helmet Correctly

Enjoyable Activity “Bent Down & Up – Left & Right – Jump & Jump” by CSIP and Halliburton

This project aims to provide Thai children with a standard helmet and a padded back cover for children’s head, which varies in size, age, sex and shape to match their head.

This will bring about full protection and reducing child injury and death caused by not using proper helmets. Mr.Silpachai Pholkla, Director of Songkhla Kindergarten school emphasized the importance of wearing a helmet. Teachers and himself would keep this monitored regularly.

Halliburton is proud to be a part of this new initiative in providing safety activity to children as they are the heart of national development, said Mr. Suthee Chiwapong, South East Asia Global Account Manager – PTTEP.

Mr. Silpachai Pholkla

Mr. Suthee Chiwapong

CSIP team also called for a Parents Meeting prior to the project launch. The meeting to educate parents of 305 students about the importance of wearing a helmet and to have them sign on “helmet receiving book” as an agreement between the school and the parent.

Parents Meeting for this Project

Parents Paid Attention to the New Standard Helmet.

In addition, CSIP team together with volunteers from Halliburton and the school measured individual student’s head in order to adjust helmet’s inner pad fit into their heads as much as possible.

CSIP & Halliburton measured student’s head

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adisak Phalitpolkarnpim measured to ensure new standard helmet fit on student’s head

It can be said that this new standard helmet for children on the motorbike was adapt from ‘bike helmet’ which assembles with accessories for adjusting to fit into each individual head.

Some accessory enable helmet more fitted and compatible to children head.

CSIP is on the move to encourage helmet manufacturers in Thailand to assemble all major accessories into helmet.

“Bike Helmet” with accessories

Inner Pad in New Standard Helmet

After students received helmets, the school, with parents and teachers support, encouraged children wearing helmet and gave special score as motivation for children wearing helmets every time riding a motorcycle.

Reported by kronwika Buntanon, CSIP

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